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MemberMouse is a WordPress membership plugin. Simply download the plugin and upload it to your WordPress installation and you instantly get a flexible and feature-rich platform to grow almost any type of business.

In order to activate the integration of MemberMouse in your CRM, you will go to Clients and Fulfillment>Membership. Click on the “Actions” drop down selection to add a new MemberMouse profile.

  • Lime Light CRM Domain: This is the URL of your Lime Light CRM install so that we know which account to apply the profile to.
  • Post Back URL: This is the MemberMouse post back URL. You’ll find this URL on the Payment Methods screen in the Lime Light configuration form under Post Back URL within the MemberMouse portal.
  • Alias: This is the name of the profile that will show up in the Lime Light CRM so you can identify which site it’s related to.

This provider will be assigned at the campaign level, so you will need a separate member site profile in your CRM for each member site that you activate. Once the profile has been created, you will go through your campaigns and assign it to those campaigns that you want to assign the member site to, and your profile can be assigned to a Lime Light CRM campaign once you select Third Party Providers under the Options menu.


 Please navigate to the MemberMouse Support page for a detailed description on how to configure this on the MemberMouse side.

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