Does Limelight-Storefront Work With WooCommerce?

NO, they will not work together! Limelight CRM’s “Limelight-Storefront” plugin is completely different from “WooCommerce”. In fact, using both plugins together will more than likely cause conflicts and errors. Limelight-Storefront does not just integrate and import your products from your Limelight CRM, but also functions as a full-featured shopping cart with checkout & membership functionalities. So please don’t activate and use both plugins together.

WooCommerce themes may not work with Limelight-Storefront. Some themes built specifically for WooCommerce might work, but we do not officially support using WooCommerce themes with our plugin. You may need to do styling adjustments for some, and some may not work altogether. Unless you are coding/designing yourself from scratch, we recommend using a Bootstrap 4 theme as a starting point for your shop. Click here if you need help Developing WordPress Themes.

WooCommerce “Extensions/Add-Ons” will not work with Limelight-Storefront. Any add-ons designed for WooCommerce are not for our plugin. However, other plugins non-specific to WooCommerce should work alongside our plugin.

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